Learning Tree

Danbury Public Schools
A Community of Learners in Danbury, Connecticut

Superintendent Public Information

Partner School Program Report (Full PDF Report) (Recommendation Translations)
Teaching and Learning Organizational Structure (PDF)
PLC RX Process(PDF)

BOE Curriculum Presentation (PPT)

NCLB/AMAO Results - February 2015 (PDF-English and Spanish)
District Enhancement Plan Goals(TDEC)- (PDF)
Teaching and Learning Q&A
Unification Framework-Curriculum (PDF)
Tools for Teachers and Admins to support Instructional Programs (PDF)
Student Outcome Relationships (PDF)
Parental Notification on Billing Medicaid for Health-Related Services in Student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)- (PDF)
Board of Ed Alliance District Process (PPT) (Video)


Revised: 11/13
Danbury Public Schools