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Physical Education Department

Doreen Robbins, Department Head
(203) 797-4859


Our goal is to make a lasting difference in the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of our DHS students. We expect our students to utilize critical thinking skills in order to make informed choices with regards to lifetime physical activities that meet their personal wellness. It is also our intent to have students understand the value physical activity plays in our lives as lifelong learners with regards to personal fitness.

One credit in Physical Education is required for graduation. All 10th graders are required to take Physical Education and are required to participate in the state-mandated fitness test.



Students enrolled in Physical Education (P.E.) will begin their physical education experience by participating in a Fitness Unit. During the Fitness Unit, students will have the opportunity to connect and develop a rapport with their assigned P.E. teachers along with preparing for the state-mandated Physical Fitness test. After completion of the Fitness Unit, students will select activities from the units offered allowing for participation in eight different activities throughout the semester. Students have the opportunity to participate in activities at a level of play that is both beneficial and rewarding to their overall health and fitness level. Students taking P.E. are required to participate fully and cooperatively in all activities. They will be expected to take pre- and postassessments, complete problem-solving activity scenarios, participate in self- assessments and reflections, participate in tournaments, and /or develop a fitness plan. By participating in the Fitness test, students will have the opportunity to make the “All Four Club” by passing all four components of the Fitness test. In doing so, they will receive certificates of achievement and have their names displayed to celebrate their success in reaching this goal.

Main Office: (203) 797-4800

Attendance Office: (203) 790-2893 or (203) 790-2864